Monday, 13 July 2015

NIVEA MEN Senstive Cool Skincare - Review

Yes i made my boyfriend try it and give me his feedback. It was not easy and after a lot of 'i don't know' and a lot of questions on my part, i got to the bottom of it.

In short, he loves that Cooling Post Shave Balm. He loved it so much that he actually has not used anything else since. His skin is smooth, soft and smells amazing but not too strong and definitely not like NIVEA. It has a subtle hint of perfume to it, i do like it too. *blushes and winks*

According to him "It doesn't burn at all." Which, lets face it is a plus. We all know that feeling of having shaved under our arms and spraying deodorant.... yep, i do it all the time and am not a fan. I can't imaging it on my face. Needless to say, he loves that part too.

The Cooling Shaving Gel. The boyfriend said that you only need the tiniest amount and that is works very well with the balm. It seems to last him forever, which is a miracle as he tends to go through shaving foam like a mad man.

Over all, the boyfriend really likes these products and i will be picking up more as soon as his are finished. For the price of €3.71 for the gel and around €6.00 for the balm, it is definitely not expensive and it makes the boyfriend not as grumpy about shaving. So worth it.


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