Friday, 15 May 2015

BLEACH London Hair Colours

We all know that "crazy" hair colour is the thing these days. And there are many, many products who do just that. But since i am not one for deciding on one thing, and to be fair... not one to want to have the colour for a long time... i figured i would give Bleach London a try.

My hair isn't the lightest as i have highlights and lowlights, so i don't expect the best result at all. But i figured why not have a little fun.

They promise that this washes out after a few washes, so i got nothing to loose, right.

I opted for their white toner to get my blonde a little... erm... blonder?! (yeah i am so clever haha) And then came the decision to decide for a colour and that was soooo hard. They offer a great colour range.

I opted for Violet Skies, Bruised Violet and Washed up Mermaid (who doesn't want to be a Mermaid)...  I don't think that i will be mixing these or anything.... so i will decide on the day. Should be fun.

These products are very inexpensive. I bought them in Boots and the White Toner was just under €10 and the colours itself were €6,69, if i remember that right.

I haven't tried them yet and as i said, my hair isn't the lightest so i am not expecting wonders here but it should be interesting for sure. I will report back with pictures.


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