Friday, 24 April 2015

Paese Cosmetics now available at Foody's Pharmacy

I am the first to admit that i hadn't heard much about Paese Cosmetics before. Every now and then someone would mention their powder but i personally had never tried them. Once the Irish Beauty Show came around, i knew i had to check out their stand and check it out. I didn't pick up much, as i put myself on a shopping ban. Yikes, i know.

The thing i did pick up are two eyeshadow trios. (I will post some swatches below.) To be fair, i didn't expect much of them. But boy was i wrong. I have used one of the trios a few times since i got it and got a great result every time.

Okay let's get the the swatches

This is the first trio i picked up in the Shade Forrest Fruit 243. It has three stunning colours that go so well together. All these shades have some sort of shimmer to them but no glitter, more metallic. They are very pigmented and blend extremely well. This is my quick go to trio since i got it. I just pack on the orangey colour on my lid, blend the berry tone through my crease and darken the outer corner with the dark brown colour and i am ready to go. It really doesn't require much effort at all to blend these. And that is the reason why i reach for this every time i am in a hurry.

The colours go so well together and leave me looking fresh with a soft and gently smokey eye. I really love this one and wish i had picked up more. I think i paid €6,99 for this at the Irish Beauty Show and it is well worth it.

Let me know if you want me to post my look with this and i will post picture the next time i reach for this, which will be very soon, i am sure.

This is the other trio i picked up. Number 703. And i will admit, i have yet to use it. *laughs* It doesn't appear to be as pigmented as the other type of trio, which you might be able to make out in the swatches. Again, i went for the shimmery shades. These are nude shades all around and again, i have to say that they all fit very well together. It would make it easy for the more inexperienced to use, as you can't really go wrong as the shades are already put together for you.

Two of the shades show up pretty similar in swatches, i am not sure how it would turn out on the eye. I really should try it. Let me know if you want to see it and i will slap it on and take a picture.

Overall, i prefer the first style of trio. It was simply more pigmented than this one. This trio was a steal for €3.99 (if i remember it right) and for that you really can't go wrong.

Those are pretty much the only Paese Cosmetics i have tried so far, shame on me, i know. But now that Foody's Pharmacy in Harcourt Street as them, you can be sure that i will stop buy and pick up more to try and review.

 [Pictures from Foody' Pharmacy Facebook]


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